Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nokia 1600 mic problem solution ways. mic is not working.

Nokia 1600 Mic repairing solution.Nokia 1600 Mic Mobile Repair diagram pictures Service Tips and Tricks.Make Jumpers as shown in diagram or replace the shown components .

Nokia 1600 mic problem solution used in mic problem.
this diagram is showing the most parts are used in mic function.
check these parts and re hot or resold them if some one is not working ok change it.
or see some other posts related to it in the bellow links.

Nokia 1600 mic links mic problem mic is not working.
this is a diagram about solution of Nokia 1600 mic ic problem.if mic is not working make jumper as shown in the image.
check the mic value with multimeter first of all. 

Nokia 1600 Mic Problem
Microphone Problem
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Microphone Ways
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Microphone Is Not Working

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